For centuries malas have supported a connection to the self and the value of the moment. Mala beads have been worn for thousands of years in traditions across the globe and are often associated with meditation and yoga, or the grace of existing in the present.

Our Malas

From our time-honored methods to our luxurious organic materials, Karma Malas distinctive characteristics were created with a story to connect the past with the present in a meaningful and tangible way. We believe in the combined power of the human spirit and the Earth’s natural elements and celebrate this spiritual connection with our jewellery.

Karma Malas are made to be worn for the special occasion that is everyday.

Our Mantra

Karma Malas are designed to inspire, to strengthen and to encourage us to feel beautiful, from the inside out. We believe beauty is in the moment where the heart is open and the spirit is true.

Eclectic elegance, integrating classic, modern and bohemian styles, our necklaces are cherished for their beauty alone, but our mission is to take jewellery beyond the visual aesthetic.